Top 10 Best Mobile phones

As years pass mobile phones are becoming more important, and not a single day can be spent without this amazing product.

We as a people are overly dependent on our cute little mobile phones. Mobile phones don’t have only one use they are used for many reasons which can be feeding contact numbers of people, watching movies, playing games, clicking pictures and the use which is very common these days which is doing digital payments through mobile phones.

Mobile phones haven’t eliminated one but eliminated so many things and bought under one roof.

People purchase different models of mobile phones and keep changes according to their requirements, by switching they get to know which company works better for them. Mobile phones have two different operating systems i.e IOS and Android.

IOS operating system provided by apple corporation and mainly designed for apple mobile devices like iPhones and iPad touch. and on the other hand, Android is an operating system provided by Google LLC, it is developed using C, Java, C++ and other languages.

To get more clear about the best mobile phones here is a well-researched list of the Top 10 best mobile phones-

1. Samsung Galaxy S22 –

Samsung currently makes the best mobile phones in the country. This brand makes its customers so amazed by its amazing series of phones, the absolute incredible design and features.

Samsung has expertise in manufacturing mobile, TV&AV, home appliances, laptops and monitors, and displays. Samsung was founded in 1938.

Whenever someone talks about electronics Samsung is that brand which is obviously going to come to people’s minds.

Let’s talk about Samsung Galaxy S22 is available in different storage i.e 8GB, 12 GB, 128 GB, 512 GB with a great set of features. With great quality camera which makes the pictures real. The operating system is android and the processor is octa. The battery of 5000 mAh.

The Samsung series is killing the market and this Samsung Galaxy S22 is available for Rs.72,999. 

2. Iphone 13 pro max-

The brand name Apple is just enough to praise the mobile set. Apple makes incredible iPhones and iPads. The operating system of iPhones is the main character when we talk about the brand.

IOS have millions and billions of fans. Apple is being founded in 1976 and since then they are doing an amazing job in its field.

The latest product which is launched by the company is the iPhone 13 pro max how to explain this product. This product is achieving miles from the day the iphone has been launched.

iPhone 13 pro max has a commendable camera, the design is complimenting the whole product. The design is with a ceramic shield. The battery is 4373 mAh.

The price of iphone 13 pro max is Rs. 1,29,900 (Gold 128 GB). There is a price variation because of different shades and storage. 

3. Oneplus 9 pro-

The tagline of Oneplus states “Never settle”, by this they provide the message that the consumer should not be settled on one series of Oneplus, they should keep trying the series by series.

Oneplus 9 pro is an amazing set with a massively improved camera system, along with performance. Specifications of mobile phones include the display which is 6.67QHD, processor is snapdragon, storage of 128/256 GB, and Battery of 4500 mAh with the feature of fast charging.

The price of Oneplus 9 pro is Rs54,999.

4.iPhone 13-

iPhone yet again makes its model the best. iPhone 13 keeps the fight in Apple’s hands with great features.

Dimensions are 146.7 x 71.5 x 7.7mm. The battery of the iPhone 13 is the reason to purchase. CPU is A15 bionic, rear camera of 12MP+12MP and front camera of 12MP. Internals of this iPhone is powerful. In the price tag, it is landing on Rs.74.990.iPhone 13 is a good choice if you don’t want to spend a fortune on iPhone 13 pro max. 

5. Samsung Galaxy S21/S21 plus-

After the Samsung Galaxy S22 series, the Samsung galaxy s21 and s21 plus are making Samsung proud. This series of Samsung have great and outstanding features. The battery of the phone is 4800 mAh which will allow you to use the mobile for good hours. CPU is snapdragon 888 / Exynos 2100. The camera of the Samsung s21 is much the same as Samsung s20. Samsung Galaxy is for Rs. 54,799. If you don’t own Samsung then this will be the perfect pick for you.

6. Samsung Galaxy S20 FE-

The specification of this product starts with the amazing processor of snapdragon, a battery of 4800 mAh. The capable camera, beautiful display, and amazing performance will definitely attract you to purchase the beauty in Rs. 36,990 

7. Samsung Galaxy note 20 ultra-

Samsung phones coming so frequent on this list that it makes it so obvious that the product is trying worthy. The reason to buy this phone is because of the useful S pen feature and great looking screen. The price is 84,990.

8.iPhone 12 / iPhone 12 pro max-

Iphone 12 joining the hands of iphone 13 and iphone 13 pro max and getting included in the list. Apple’s 6.1 inch OLED screen is fantastic for gaming and streaming, iphone has a great design which is very comfortable in the hands.

The battery of this set is better than the previous iphone. The price is Rs. 54900.

9. Xiaomi mi 11X pro-

Finally a different brand than Samsung and iPhones.the reason to buy this product is that this product is pocket friendly, and has an E4 AMOLED panel, and camera. Key features include a 108MP main camera and battery of 4520mAh.

The price of this set is Rs. 36999.

10. one plus 9-

Why only Samsung and Apple, one plus is also providing great competition to these brands. 

Oneplus 9 is available in quite a big 6.55 inches display. Battery life is great in that you don’t require to charge again and again.

Price of Rs.42,999.

So after the good research, this article consists of amazing brands which are trustworthy to give a try. The list consists of both ios and android operating systems.

They with great price range so the readers can easily check out the great brands according to their pocket. To make life more happening grab these amazing set of mobile phones.

Top 10 Best Mobile phones

Here is well researched List of Top 10 Mobile Phone

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