Best gaming mouse 2022

Best gaming mouse 2022

Best gaming mouse 2022 – Introduction 

The mouse is one of the most important tools and makes a huge difference to what you can achieve. The difference between a good mouse and a bad mouse can be the difference between winning and losing a game. The best gaming mouse has to meet a lot of benchmarks and will help you get into the best shape possible to create a desired outcome. This is why it is important to have a gaming mouse that will satisfy your needs. Today, we’re looking at the best gaming mouse of 2022 for any budget or skill level.

Top 8 Best gaming mouse 2022

  1. Razer Basilisk V3

The Razer Basilisk V3 is our favorite gaming mouse of 2022. Its 9 customizable buttons, well-crafted design, and quality, textured feel make it adaptable to a variety of gaming and professional demands. While it’s bulkier than a honeycomb-style mouse for FPS games, it glides smoothly thanks to PTFE feet, and a special sniper button is simple to reach and immediately decreases DPI for headshots.The Razer DeathAdder V2 is a good and easy solution if you don’t need as much programmability. With its extensive feature set, construction, and customization possibilities, the Basilisk V3 got our Author’s Golden Globe.

  1. Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro

The Razer DeathAdder V2 Pro is the finest wireless gaming mouse in 2022 for most people. It uses the wired Razer DeathAdder V2’s popular and approachable design and eliminates the cable without compromising functionality. Gaming performance was comparable to the mouse’s wired counterpart while utilizing a 2.4 GHz USB-A adapter with Razer’s HyperSpeed technology.

The DeathAdder V2 Pro is equipped with Razer’s most sophisticated optical sensor, which performs well in games even at high DPI settings. Additionally, multiple sensitivity controls aid in quick changes.

  1. Logitech G203 LIGHTSYNC

The Logitech G203 is the number one gaming mouse if you’re on a limited budget. This wired variant seems to be very well-made and pleasant to use. It features an egg-shaped body that may be used by either left or right-handed people. It does, however, only have side buttons on the left side. Because of its tiny size, it’s best used with a fingertip grip regardless of hand size, yet if you have smaller hands, you can also use a claw or palm grip satisfactorily.


It is a durable, wired model with a 12-button side panel that you can slide forward or backward to accommodate your hand size for MMO gaming lovers. Because the associated software allows you to program each button, you’ll have more than enough inputs for patterns or media controls. It enables the same fine control of sensitivity levels and RGB illumination as the other Corsair mouse on our list. This mouse is quite reliable, with little click latency and a steady sensor. Because the sensor has a short lift-off distance, you won’t have to worry about it picking up inadvertent movements. This is useful because the mouse is a little heavier, making it more difficult to reposition rapidly.

  1. Cooler Master MM720

The Cooler Master MM720 is the finest choice if you’re searching for an ultralight mouse with an attractive design. This mouse, without the cord, weighs just 54g, making it one of the lightweight gaming mouse currently known.  Its design is particularly well-suited to those who employ a claw grip.

Although it is a wired mouse, the cord is highly flexible and does not kink or get caught on desktops or mousepads. Its high-quality feet also provide a silky smooth glide sensation. Gamers of fast-paced games will enjoy how snappy the games are because of the exceptionally minimal click latency. Within its large CPI range, you’ll have no trouble choosing a good sensitivity level.

  1. SteelSeries Rival 3

For tiny to standard size hands, the Rival 3 is a top-tier budget mouse. It features a remarkably small weight of 77 grams, making it essentially an ultra-light, as well as a decent form made of matte plastic that’s simple to manipulate in claw or fingertip grip techniques. The TrueMove Core sensor is a high-end optical sensor that looks quite similar to the well-known PixArt 3330. The Rival 3 has RGB illumination as well as six buttons, which is a lot for a cheap mouse.

  1. Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT

The Logitech G PRO X SUPERLIGHT is a must-have for any list of the best gaming mouse in 2022. It has low click latency, making it a good pick for lovers of fast-paced FPS games. The world’s best HERO 25K sensor is incredibly consistent behind the hood, and it has a very broad CPI range, allowing you to accurately calibrate your CPI to acquire the perfect sensitivity. With the Logitech G HUB software, you can store all of your settings to the mouse’s onboard memory, making your button combinations and sensor modifications immediately accessible.

  1. Razer Viper Mini

The Razer Viper Mini is an excellent mouse if you are searching for the best gaming mouse in 2022. The PixArt 3359 optical sensor is a powerful new release with excellent 1:1 tracking and optical switches beneath each button that should provide a minor latency benefit over older options. In a nutshell, the Viper Mini comes with a wonderful cable that is pretty flexible and feels virtually wireless.  The mouse also has RGB illumination, including an illuminated logo and tail light that can be controlled via Razer’s Synapse program. Overall, this is a fantastic gaming mouse, particularly considering its affordable cost.

Best gaming mouse 2022 – Final verdict

We hope to have given you all of the information you need to decide on the best gaming mouse for you. We included a vast range of information about different gaming mouse for a range of different budgets. This is a valuable resource for any gamer looking to purchase a mouse that is both comfortable and aesthetically pleasing. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. Do share with your other gamer friends and Keep visiting our website.¬†

Best gaming mouse 2022

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